Завершен Tony MacAlpine Dream Mechanism Jam


Завершен Tony MacAlpine Dream Mechanism Jam, результаты голосования можно посмотреть здесь. По итогам второго этапа голосования в финал прошли шесть участников, набравших наибольшее количество баллов. Тройку победителей определил лично Tony MacAlpine, а это дорогого стоит:

1st 3:53-4:35 skms
This player posses a unique understanding to mature phrase making most notably the commanding of question and answers style playing that harkens back to Jeff Beck and many solid players who feature notes ands musical statements as their selling point.I was able to remember everything he played!!

2nd 00:35-1:06 Mercy
This player is very creative also as he enjoys very much the articulation of 2 hand finger taps and pull off's. I also liked very much his mixture of some pentatonics runs with high speed rock riffs!

3rd 2:31-3:12 Mifody
This player has lots of high energy style guitar play.I think his hands and speed are great but i think in time he will fully meld the mixture of utilizing runs that people cannot forget. Great player!

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